CL Semi-Final: FC Bayern München vs Real Madrid CF [P+R]


I can't quite believe it. So close with the prediction though, damn Casillas with his second save


You'd better behave yourself this time!
hmmm.. so the so called Special One aint gonna face his old club...

Alot of stories here..

Robben scores against his old club
Bayern play the final at their own Home
I still look good in Oakleys.
Bayern play a final at thier own home again against English opposition
Bayern take revenge over mourinho's Inter victory couple of years ago
No El Classico final CL.
Ive reached season 2028 in FIFA 2012 on my ipad and Messi is still playing despite being around 40
Im gonna have sex tonight.
I won 276 $ tonight
You all suck
Good Night