CL Semi-Final: FC Bayern München vs Real Madrid CF [P+R]


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Here's something I forgot to mention...

Just how old is the average season ticket holder at Madrid? Because the whistles are more annoying than vuvuzelas and doesn't seem like something that young people would do. And then I don't know how I never noticed this before, but the whole Bernabeu sits down! It was weird to see them all stand up in unison when Madrid got a good chance because fans on the terraces (or the old terrace area behind the goals for clubs who don't have terraces anymore) don't usually sit.


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I dunno about age stuff, but at Mestalla pretty much everyone sits, it's kind of common courtesy, you stand when reacting to goals and stuff, but other than that, you sit.


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Yeah, I thought, unless you are in the fan section you should sit. There is nothing more annoying than having to spend the whole game admiring the back of a tall ****.

Sir Calumn

Well in England everyone stands most of the time but then we all prefer to be standing. Sucks for any disabled or elderly people in the crowd though!


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The handicapped have special sections, and I was referring to the seats behind the goal where the biggest fans usually are.