CL Semi-Final: FC Bayern München vs Real Madrid CF [P+R]


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I really don't know what Mou was thinking with that kind of approach to the second half, the whole midfield and attack just stood there watching Bayern play and they were lucky to even reach extra-time.
I feel for Mourinho, but in the end Bayern certainly deserves to play the final...congrats to them for a truly impressive performance.


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4ndr3i;3221461 said:
It was Lee's fault for Real going out. (H)


and seeing as we know who he is going to support in the final, Shifty, you should be really worried.

Damn, this loss hurts, But I'll Live.



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Ive never seen Mourinho so fcked up and dejected.
I bet he ran to the toiler after the final penalty and sh*t himself
Special one anyone ?


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I actually liked that. I would have done the same thing. I've walked out of the room in disgust like that after losing big FM games! Shows how much this means to him. If he smiled and shook hands I would have been more concerned.


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Bravo Bayern, deserved victory! Great match, such a drama, It's gonna be a dream finale now.


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that bastard Platini wanted Real-Barca so bad ... I wonder how he feels right now. Dude, this is football :).