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FIFA 07 Remastered Edition

Do you still play FIFA 07?

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Senior Squad
This project is really cool.

I wanted to play this game again, nostalgia really hits hard. I tried to find a patch that could at least fix the unlicensed teams and generic kits but all patches I found updated the game to newer seasons, but I wanted to play with teams from 2006-07 era.


Club Supporter
hello everyone! tell me, is it possible from the database of the UEFA Champions League 06-07 to add snow, players' breath in winter weather, untucked jerseys, black gloves in fifa 07?


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i also love fifa 07 but the problem is i don't know to convert kits to be the latest
If I'd care that much about graphics, I would just play PES 2021, FIFA 21 and other recent football games but I play FIFA 07 because of it's gameplay and career mode which are the best.


Club Supporter
Hello Dimitri, great job, I loved it.
I hope you have not abandoned the project, many of us are waiting for an update of the project and we could also help you with something if you need it.


Club Supporter
Hi @Dmitri,

I was wondering if you are still working on this project. I know this kind of work is very tedious, I was just curious if you are still working on it. By the way I checked some of your previous work and your talent and dedication is extraordinary. Take care!