FIFA 07 Remastered Edition

Do you still play FIFA 07?

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This project is really cool.

I wanted to play this game again, nostalgia really hits hard. I tried to find a patch that could at least fix the unlicensed teams and generic kits but all patches I found updated the game to newer seasons, but I wanted to play with teams from 2006-07 era.


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hello everyone! tell me, is it possible from the database of the UEFA Champions League 06-07 to add snow, players' breath in winter weather, untucked jerseys, black gloves in fifa 07?


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i also love fifa 07 but the problem is i don't know to convert kits to be the latest
If I'd care that much about graphics, I would just play PES 2021, FIFA 21 and other recent football games but I play FIFA 07 because of it's gameplay and career mode which are the best.