Youth Team
Not working :(



Youth Team
I decided to include some another ASI Loader, which has more advanced loading settings.
I also added fifa.fat entries limit fix (50'000 entries) in a separate plugin.
I hope it's now easier to install and use it.


Youth Team
New version of Asset Loader for FIFA 08 is released.
Now the package includes an installer tool.

The new version includes features from previous version:
Loading from data/assets
Increased number of files in big/fat
Increased total memory limit
Increased texture memory limit
Increased jersey font quality
Possibility to load HD kitnumbers
Fixed "Requires Hardware Acceleration"

And adds new features:
Models and textures of different size
Custom headlods and hairlods
Increased number of textures in fsh
Increased number of textures in scene
Removed player ID limit (200000)

In short: now we can use HD faces, stadiums, kits, without crashes.

* Euro 2008 game is still supported, but no Asset Loader update for it.