FIFA 08 Wish List - Next Generation


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If Navarro breaks Burdisso's nose (there should be way to do that in fifa08), he gets 7 month ban.


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One thing I would really like to see is (Although its not that important) is that the boots and kits dont look as smudged if you know what I mean.


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Is this for psp to?
i think it would count as next generation
I have a request for all gaming systems
In tony hawk they have that thing when u have enuff style points u can go in slow motion and do tricks in slow-motion so its easier.
In Fifa 08 they should have somethin similiar if u have enuff momentum you can slow your player down pinpoint your shot/pass to make it more finese
Also i think it would be kewl to slow down the ball in midair and direct it's curve by u using the panel.


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make it a great game to play....
make people 'feel' the game. atmosphere etc
the biggest thing i think needs improving
and i would love is...
make the soccer nets more realistic
make a goal feel real.
that is all :)


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and plus i really really 'need' a soccer game on the playstation 3
i am dying for one..... hopefully ea will release one. just one.
because it is still months to wait for fifa 08 (:/)

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Argentina Primera Division
Australia A-League
Austria T-Mobile Bundesliga
Belgium Jupiler League
Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro
Denmark SAS Ligaen
England League Championship
England League One
England League Two
England Premiership
France Ligue 1 Orange
France Ligue 2 Orange
France Championnat National
Greece Super League
Germany 1. Bundesliga
Germany 2. Bundesliga
Germany Regionalliga
Holland Eredivisie
Holland Eerste Divisie
Ireland Premier Division
Italy Serie A
Italy Serie B
Italy Serie C1
Mexico Primera Division
Mexico Primera "A" Division
Mexico Segunda Division
Norway Tippeligaen
Poland Orange Ekstraklasa
Portugal Liga Bwin
Rest of the World
Romania Liga 1
Russia Premier League
Scotland Premier League
South Africa Castle Premiership
Spain Primera Division
Spain Segunda A
Spain Segunda B
Sweden Allsvenskan
Switzerland Super League
Turkey Süper Lig
USA Major League Soccer
USA USL Division 1
USA USL Division 2


El Monumental
Estadio Juan Domingo Perón
La Bombonera (Argentina)
Estadio Libertadores de América
Telstra Stadium
Telstra Dome
Suncorp Stadium
Aussie Stadium
Ernst Happel Stadium
Wals Siezenheim Stadium
Gerhard Hanappi Stadium
Stade Maurice Dufrasne
Constant Vanden Stock Stadium
Olímpico Monumental
BMO Field
Estadio Monumental David Arellano
Toyota Arena (Sparta Prague)
Parken Stadium
Stade de France
Stade Vélodrome
Parc des Princes
Stade Félix Bollaert
Stade de Gerland
Allianz Arena
AOL Arena
Olympic Stadium (Athens)
Tolka Park
Oriel Park
San Siro
Stadio Olimpico
Delle Alpi
Stadio Artemio Franchi
Stadio Friuli
Daegu World Cup Stadium
Seoul World Cup Stadium
Amsterdam ArenA
De Kuip
Philips Stadion
Ullevaal Stadion
Estádio da Luz
Estádio do Dragão
Estádio José Alvalade
Luzhniki Stadium
Dynamo Stadium (Moscow)
Camp Nou
Santiago Bernabéu
Vicente Calderón
La Bombonera (Seville)
Soccer City
Ellis Park Stadium
Ullevi Stadion
Råsunda Stadion
St. Jakob-Park
Atatürk Olympic Stadium
Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadyumu
Wembley Stadium
Old Trafford
Emirates Stadium
St James' Park
City of Manchester Stadium
Villa Park
Stamford Bridge
White Hart Lane
Windsor Park
Celtic Park
Hampden Park
Ibrox Stadium
Millennium Stadium
Home Depot Center
Toyota Park (Chicago)
At least 20 generic stadiums


D-Pad substitutions

Unscripted and semi-scripted skill moves

More player depth, as in more things to change in terms of his "game" or playing style.

Make more realistic in terms mistakes players can make, however don't let mistakes happen frequently, only one every 40 games, unless players have extremely low energy, are very youthful, inconstant, or the player is prown to mistakes.

Improve crossing and heading*

Improve passing and shooting*

Make freekicks more difficult

Even more intelligent, attacking, and ruthless AI

Call more handballs (they happen all the time)

Make referees less foul-happy and less card-happy

Have referees and linesman on the pitch

Have different running styles (Henry glides along but Ronaldinho runs in short steps)

Jumping volleys a la Van Persie, Gerrard, and Rooney

Realistic nets


Fix the fans have more random animations or at least less patterned animations

Have managers shown like in FIFA WC 06 and to step it up have the substitutes on the bench in background or seeing their emotions on the sideline if goal has been scored, etc.

Longer opening sences

Trophy celebrations for everything

More emotion in faces, they aren't rocks

If a season winning, cup winning, absoultely amazing or extremely important goal (like first goal for new club) have player take shirt off and/or go into the crowd, of course not everytime, but once or twice a season would be good.

Clean shorts for substitutes who come on.

Player likeness*

Have correct fonts for the back of the shirts

Have day, dawn, and night for each stadium. Have rain, heavy rain, cloudy, Snow (in limitied stadiums) for each stadiums as well.


Make the atmosphere and chants louder, clearer, and more exciting*

Have a varity of commentators. Andy Gray and Martin Tyler are getting old and quickly.

Commentary more in-sync

Make commentary have more emotion and livelyness


Have more replay ability, have the tournment mode and the ultimate team mode as well.

Practise mode needs to return

Everything must be customiseable Stadiums names, clubs name, etc. all must be able to change.

Make challenge mode a little less challenging

* = improved in UEFA 06-07, keep it up improve just a bit more.


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abutch1010;2290675 said:

In Fifa 08 they should firstly involve proper use of cup names, like Champions League instead of ECC, Uefa instead of EFA, etc.

haahaa those are proper names :mexican:

Anyways... so EA FIFA 08 will be out for PS3??


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add the a-league
There are many internationals in the league and its going into its 3rd season now

also create more leagues to be able to manage
better manager mode, training for your squad, etc
increased goalkeeper moves, saves are too simulated
better create player and create team features


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-I think the captain armband should be made according to the original armband is used.Each team's armband should be different.


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my wishlist

Some of these wishes may already be posted by other users, oh well, let's repeat!

# Player editor
let's face it fifa 07 have crappy faces, i would really enjoy having a better editor with more options, also for existing players! we all know how footballers love changing their haircut! This would also be useful for players with fifa's standard faces, shame on you fifa for forgetting david silva etc.

no really, put it in!

# Creating a new team
more options in kit design, colors, fonts, badges etc. also maybe an option to put a sponsor logo on the kit, this should also be considered when playing a season with a real team. for example if arsenal gets a new sponsor the emirates logo should be replaced by the new sponsors logo (option to choose color of the logo)

may i add that this is a good way for EA to cash in on some extra money from bigger companies! :amika:

# Money, money, money!
now i realise that this is nof fifa manager but hey! we can do better!

What happens when a "crappy" team from a crappy league plays in the champions league and reaches let's say the quarter finals?
They get alot of sponsor-money from tv or whatever, this should be included when playing manager mode so you don't have to play with chelsea just to afford a descent striker!

# Superstar mode
creating a young player, training, getting signed and in the end become one of the best!
i'll let EA sort out the details

and the last one, maybe not the most important but a lot of fun!

# Roman Abramovich mode! :bouncy:

Buy a smaller team, put in loads of cash and rule your league!
maybe not for everyone but let's face it, it's the future!


does EA ever read these posts or did i just throw away a moment in my ever so important life? :jambo:

ps. i know, my english is fantastic!


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the A-league

the a-league needs to be in it and more leagues than the big ones fifa 07 on xbox 360 was extremely awful :mad: and create a club. m8 the old fifa 07 had more stuff to do on normal xbox. BUT PLZ PUT THE A-LEAGUE IN IT I'M DYING TO PLAY IT (Y) if that happens i'll be happy

Biebrich 02

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DRUN;2309387 said:
What league will be in FIFA 08... Iranian or Russian?

Iranian? i don't think so. Russian? They don't have a single russian team in now, and in the cl game they are generic as far as I've heard, so there must be licensing problems. Same with Argentina.

My guess is either greek, romanian or ukrainian league. I hope for an eastern european country. Those are such an important part of the UEFA Cup.

ZZbatam;2298221 said:
If Navarro breaks Burdisso's nose (there should be way to do that in fifa08), he gets 7 month ban.

Though I hate to agree with this guy, he has sort of a point there. It's really hard to commit a foul caused by frustration. The game won't let you foul someone after he passed the ball. Not even shortly after. If you get angry, sometimes you try to do that - you can't, and that's the only reason you finish such games with 11 players.

The game doesn't punish you for such mistakes. Or for stupidity. If my goalkeeper runs into the other half of the field with the ball and loses it there, the opponent will pass the ball until he's back in the goal.

If you don't pay attention at the game for a few seconds, the same. Imagine all players of one team not paying attention to the game (because the phone rings) in real football. In fifa07, you mostly still have the ball after 5 seconds distraction. I want to be punished for mistakes and stupidity. I want the cpu to exploit that and their players' skills, too, if its team is better than mine. That would make the game much more challenging. I want the cpu to be more dangerous. I know it is hard to make them more "intelligent" but these things should be fixed quite easily.


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- in manager mode during the transfer period you can check standings from around other leagues and see how a player from another league is doing to know if you want to buy him or not


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Oh yeah and I want to see some more stadiums. Home Depot Center, BMO Field and La Bombonera.

I like creating stuff so maybe a way to create your own stadium too. That would be cool.


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NK FOOTBALL ©;2240750 said:
make it harder to create a goal-scoring oportunity. Increase difficulty of shooting accuracy and decrease unbelievable goalkeeper saves, where it looks awkward and not real.

*Make CPU defence much harder to break
*DYNAMIC WEATHER!!! pllllleeeaaassse, would be so much more fun to play
*Fix commentary bugs
*Add more animations
*More individual players' (animations, styles, etc)
*Add in a few tricks, but nothing like the current-gen 'circus' that has become a bit of a joke, just a few tricks that require good timing and skill to execute
*overall increased difficulty and smarter AI
*Stop my players' running into eachother like idiots
*Increase controller responsivness for switching players'
*Increase responsivness for online play!!! I can't play right online, too slow. No lag, but just poor responses from my team.


NK my name is Elias.I read your posts here and EA fifa forums and i think your one of the most progressive persons in here.I also try ur patches and i find them very interesting.Why dont u try to join FIFA team in canada?
Also what do you think about the upcoming FIFA games in next generation consoles.Do u believe that its possible to hit the same or higher REVIEWS from pes this year?