FIFA 08 Wish List - Next Generation


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They should add the Argentinia League to FIFA 08, maybe more North and South American Leagues so they can also add the Copa Libertadores!


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wowww i havent write here in a longggggggggg time
but here we go

we all have an idea of what we want to improve in fifa 08
better weather , snow please!!!!
better computer AI
better gameplay

I also know alot of people ask for more team and we should get more team.
I know we cannot have the argentinian 1st divison
but it would be nice to ger a few more teams like san lorenzo, newells, independite or racing

last thing i would to see improve are the crowns the look so boring in previous version. would like to see more sounds like drums and trumpets
more flags , banners flagas that go around the stadium , confetti .
also would like to have the option of how many fans are in the stadium haft full , 1/3, 3/4

thats all I can think right now


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have more leagues etc Scottish 1st, 2nd, 3rd leagues, teams etc Peterhead, Brechin city, players and more realistic game play, better Graphics and better things for manager mode like u get to see all your youth players, get to do more stuff just like in fifa manager 2007


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-More leagues and teams (already confirmed)
-Skill moves (already confirmed)

Major gameplay issues:
-Players need to run towards incoming passes/crosses, not wait for them
-Players need to be 'free roaming' on runs, ie not stuck on a straight line path
-Switching from player to player needs to be MUCH quicker, takes way too long

Minor details:
-Weather conditions. I want to see rain and snow
-Refs and linesmen on the field. This is an inexcusable absence for next-gen
-More real stadiums
-Champion's League 06/07 added 3rd kits, I'd like to see this trend continued
-UEFA Champion's League licensing for manager mode
-Use real monetary amounts for transfers in manager mode
-International teams

Game modes:
-obviously a play now and a manager mode, and I'd like to see some kind of training/practice mode for set pieces and such, as well as some sort of tournament mode


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Looks like Altidore and Ochoa on the North American cover....pretty cool.


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i say it every year, but they need to make it harder to break the defence, and easier on one on ones. So that you are rewarded for playing a passing game, and not rewarded for getting the fastest player and running straight through the defence. Thats what needs to happen if it wants to evovle from a kiddies game that i used to play as a teenager, to an adults game that can challenge PES.


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FIFA 08 witk D-pad

Hello, is there a way to play Fifa 08 without the analog sticks? I prefer the D-pad but i dont know how to activate them on the PS3.