FIFA 22 EA Squad Files


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Thank you for the script,I could not open squads FIFA Ps4 on RDBM21?


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did you try convert fifa 22 db nintendo switch extracted to old fifa?
i convert it to fifa 14 and name correct and detect in cm15/14, but ingame name not appear/not visible.


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That's the same link that you can find in first post.
The first link was posted only on 23 september while the last squad update is from october 2.. so I assumed that there are not the latest FIFA 22 squads. I didn't check the link since it was posted before FIFA 22 was officially launched.


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Do you guys convert the FIFA 22 db or squad files.. to older FIFA games.. with the help of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Software? I know in theory how to convert it.. (for FIFA 07) however, I haven't used Excel since the 2000s so I badly need a video tutorial (how to convert the FIFA 22 db with Excel). Can anyone make and upload a short tutorial on youtube or somewhere and share it here? You don't even need to talk. I just need to see how you make those functions in Excel.. lol


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Aplogies if it's outside subject. but is someone working on a conversion for fifa 19 or if it's compatible .?