FIFA 23 Face&Head Values


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Hello everyone,

I am trying to convert FIFA 23 DB to FIFA 07. I have problems with some values related to face, head, hair, etc...

Relevant work:

FIFA 07 fields about players' face&headRelevant FIFA 23 field
facetypeid [1-150]headtypecode [0,16000],
skintonecode [1,11]
facialhairstyleid [0-6]facialhairtypecode [0,75]
facialhaircolorcode [0,50]
haircolorid [1-7]haircolorcode [0,50]
hairtypeid [1-38]hairtypecode [0-1023]

Hair Color options of FIFA 07:
Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Red, Grey, Light Blonde (IDs 1 to 7 respectively.)

I can retrieve the minimum and maximum values of each field but I don't know anything about FIFA 23 faces. So anyone can help me to convert these values? If you can send the views of each value, I would be grateful.

I uploaded the face, hair, and facial hair types of FIFA 07 if you want to check them.