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FIFA 24 Kits Mod


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This past week uploads include Montpellier, AS Monaco, Torino, Nurnburg, Bari, Atalanta, Sheffield, Norwich, Dusseldorf, Wrexham, RB Salzburg, Feyenoord, Nantes, Hull City, Udinese, Sassuolo, Nottingham Forest, Real Sociedad, Tottenham, Kaiserslautern, Cagliari, Crystal Palace, PSG, Chelsea, Lyonnais, Rennais, Milan, Aberdeen, Metz, Hellas Verona, Brighton, Fiorentina, Bologna, Bochum, Villarreal, Lecce, Athletic Club Bilbao, Bournemouth, Betis, Luton Town, Genoa, and a bunch of updates to previously leaked kits from the past week that were confirmed.
tu15 update pls keep up the amazing work


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You’ve done such an excellent job, but I have a question about the Leverkusen kits. I noticed the names are above the numbers and should be below the numbers. Is there anyway to get them in the correct position? Is there a way I could do it through the live editor? I know there are some more teams like this, specifically the Bundesliga


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for the next update
fix sleeve badge of juventus home , there is two badge overlapping.
juventus has number and name white not yellow.


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I saw that you've made several EFL league 1 + 2 kits. I was wondering how I could use them in game. they aren't in the FIFA 24 mod file so I was curious if there's another way to access them.


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Fantastic MOD but Celtic don't have green shorts on their home kit and Dundee Utd were replaced in the Scottish Premier League by cross town rivals Dundee. Some of the International Teams are maybe corrupted? Looks like there are some promoted teams missing from Saudi Pro League e.g Al Ahli. Keep up the good work as it makes FIFA 23 relevant again
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