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FIFA Console Editing - PS3 (X360)


Club Supporter
Can someone help me decrypt the lua file for fifa 19 Switch version? The graphic quality of vanilla is terrible, I want to change the graphic settings but the lua file is encrypted (EASF). I tried using the EASF function of CG File Explorer 16, but nothing happens.
btw. I can't find settings.lua in the PS3 version of FIFA 11-16, does anyone know where it is?
Have you tried with Fifa Converter? There is an option to decompress EASF


Club Supporter
Career mode closes in the third season, how to fix that, if someone could guide me, sorry for the English, I use a translator.


Club Supporter
What patch are you playing ?
I tried several, those from Cubans Gamer, those from ang2, I also tried with the db that was posted on this forum for a while and has the same problem, now I am trying to replace retired players in an original db but I don't know if that will affect the career mode


Club Supporter
eu I wanted to know if anyone knows how to solve the problem of guards invading stadiums of FIFA 2014 World Cup


Club Supporter
I've used a squad file (latest squad) in 2014 fifa world brazil but in world cup mode it doesn't show the newly added players....how can I fix that?