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could someone help me with editting league structures? I mean relegations and promotions, not only in career mode, thanks.


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Thanks. I have added them to the tasks and standings files now. I can see them now being selected for the world cup.

Also, Iceland was surprisingly missing from world cup and euro qualifiers, so added them too.

Can you do a little tutorial how to do this too? The first one was great!


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Hola Nafer, antes de nada muchas gracias por tu genial trabajo! Es impresionante lo que haces. Para la temporada 18/19 vas a hacer una nueva versión del patch o crearás un Squad file? Gracias de nuevo crack!


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WELL, my question is : If I play with the Greek version will I be able to play with my Greek Superleague team in Europa and Champions League the next season OR because you changed the brazilian league with the greek one I will only be able to play the League and Cup games and the rest will be a mess and unrealistic ???

Thanks in advance for your reply.

PS: It happened back in time when I used the Fifa-Infinity patch for Fifa 14... The Greek Superleague then was the Ligue 2 of France and the Greek teams were being promoted in the french Ligue 1 !!! You had many good things and leagues in this patch but it was unrealistic... So thats what I am really asking, if it will be playable and realistic...


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The mod is Great !!
But is not compatible with Fifa Career 2.0 Mod or Fifa Mod Career (CG files)

Did someone do it ?
Thank you guys


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This patch is awesome... And all it need is updated squads... I hope they will release it...


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patch fantastic, but without the teams of South America and to have the Cup of Brazil with 32 teams ... how about NaFer ... thanks for everything


Starting XI
Hey guys. Maybe a little out of date, but I have a question. Does the Journey work properly with your patches or does it crash?


Reserve Team
First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of posts in this thread. After the release of FIP18 v.4.0, the idea was to release regular roster updates with summer transfers, but I had health complications during august and it was impossible for me to work on the patch.

Then, I have been working hard since september, updating the database with all the transfers but the ammount of work was insane. Also, some members of the modding team that have helped me with the database wasn't able to help me this time, adding more dificulty in completing this task (specially with brazilian league, updating this league it's a pain in the ass).

Anyway, I think I've done a pretty job, I have updated all the new teams added in the v.4.0 and also I have updated the entire database with the db file from FIFA 19, including the new promoted teams. Also, I've adapted the compdata with the new competition formats and I've done a lot of improvements.

FIP18 v.5.0 will be released in a couple of days. I've decided to not include any graphical updates in order to keep the size of the patch. We will release an "add-on" as soon as possible, and it will include a lot of kits converted from FIFA 19, new flags and banners, etc. You will be able to continue your started career modes, since the "add-on" will include only graphics.