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FIFA World Player of The Year 2007


Youth Team
snoppf1;2419986 said:
World Player of the Year???

How can anyone take seriously this award when

Henry scored 3 good goals, got injured for the rest of the season, left for barca, scored a hat trick, and that’s all has done this year.

Vieira was injured for most of the season

Cannavaro was just plain sh*t all season long

Buffon who has been playing in SERI B!!!! (says it all)

Eto'o who was again injured for most of the season, didn't make too much impact even when coming back plus is INJURED AGAIN NOW

Thuram hardly played much for Barca

Torres who did hardly anything worth mentioning before he left Atletico to go to liverpool

Deco who every Barca fan has moaned hes had a really poor season

and Riquelme, Marquez, Lahm, they have all had a good year but seriously there are 40 players who have definitely done better than him this year.

WHERE THE HELL ARE: Fabregas, Totti, Zlatan, Daniel Alves, Alfonso Alves, Berbatov, Carragher, Quaresma and even Materazzi

I'd say even players like Mario Gomez, Adebayor and James McFadden (scored MANY important and classy goals this year) should be in the list.

I can see it all now

Sepp Blatter: “Oh sh*t, its world player of the year, I forgot, I have to draw the nominations tomorrow. I’ve been so busy liking the arse of fat cats so they keep giving me my money it’s passed me by

Ok here is last years, err lets take out Zidane since he’s retired, put someone else there, ahhh its done. Nobody will notice :)

kaka should win, followed by drogba and messi

100 % agree!


Senior Squad
Jaboldinho;2420495 said:
You must really hate him, or are you just plain retard?

I think he's got both options...

And please, stop pouring sh*T on italian players.... Remember that he is a world champion too... and has also won the golden boot last season...


Senior Squad
Filipower;2420004 said:
now this is a good argument (Y)

this is just a little bitch not being able to have someone disagree with them.

sorry you cant twist this into making me look like a bitch, sorry just no

i made a good point there, but you chose to pick out add a silly cheap shot

thats why i told you to shut up, and i will keep telling you to shut up if you come in with cheap shots lie that

have a nice day :)


Red Card [Being a douche] exp. 22/1/06
Finally the player i pick to win the award gets it. After many years of failure i got it straight this time. Kakao meravigliao. :D