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FIFA World Player of The Year 2007



You guys have watched the players in 2007....Then who should it really be...
The shortlisted players all play for European clubs.

Italy have the most players on the list with five nominees, followed by England and France with four each.

Barcelona have the most nominees of any club with seven players on the list, while Chelsea have five and Milan have four.

Captains and head coaches of the world's national sides will cast their votes before Fifa announce the top three at the beginning of December.

The overall winner will be revealed at the 17th Fifa World Player Gala at the Zurich Opera House on 17th December.

The nominees are:
Gianluigi Buffon (Italy and Juventus)
Fabio Cannavaro (Italy and Real Madrid)
Petr Cech (Czech Republic and Chelsea)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal and Manchester United)
Deco (Portugal and Barcelona)
Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast and Chelsea)
Michael Essien (Ghana and Chelsea)
Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon and Barcelona)
Gennaro Gattuso (Italy and Milan)
Steven Gerrard (England and Liverpool)
Thierry Henry (France and Barcelona)
Kaka (Brazil and Milan)
Juninho (Brazil and Lyon)
Miroslav Klose (Germany and Bayern Munich)
Philipp Lahm (Germany and Bayern Munich)
Frank Lampard (England and Chelsea)
Rafael Marquez (Mexico and Barcelona)
Lionel Messi (Argentina and Barcelona)
Alessandro Nesta (Italy and Milan)
Andrea Pirlo (Italy and Milan)
Franck Ribery (France and Bayern Munich)
Juan Roman Riquelme (Argentina and Villarreal),
Ronaldinho (Brazil and Barcelona)
Wayne Rooney (England and Manchester United)
John Terry (England and Chelsea)
Carlos Tevez (Argentina and Manchester United)
Lilian Thuram (France and Barcelona)
Fernando Torres (Spain and Liverpool)
Ruud van Nistelrooy (Holland and Real Madrid)
Patrick Vieira (France and Internazionale)

Who do you think deserves to be the winner ?????

Post your winner and we will decide our winner here at SG...


Senior Squad
This list cant be takes seriously. Ofcourse Kaka will win it, but the thing is....WHERE THE F*CK is Totti?! I cant understand that! He was phenomenal! Very weird!


Reserve Team
1st Ronaldo
2nd Kaká
3rd Messi
though choice but i choose the player who had the better year in his career, who was the best player in england and in my opinion in the world
ronaldo's is the ultimate attacking player: he scores, he makes assists, he score free-kicks, he's a great header... he's got it all
messi is very very talented player but i think his best years are yet to come
but kaká was brilliant in the CL and is a brilliant player, classy and efficient. because of winning the CL i think that he'll win the prize and not ronaldo

justhammy you're right, there are players who are missing in the list and totti is one of them
but i think this trophy is somewhat stupid. there are many positions, so there should be a trophy for every position in, like in uefa
you can't really compare a goalkeeper to a midfielder, or a defender to a striker


Club Supporter
this is how it should finish -

1) kaka
2) Drogba
3) C. Ronaldo

I cannot believe that an injury-plagued Eto'o made the least. where did FiFA watch eto'o play?

then to top it off, Terry who has been injured and then crap since his injury made the list? Cannavaro who has been a laughing stock all year also made it?? lol ... Fifa is just a useless organization


Even Fabregas is not there........
Buffon is there despite playing in the second tier of football and consequesntly no having the same class as the other players who played in the 1st Tier of Football.


Fan Favourite
I can't be bothered by this list. The same usual lack of recognition for defenders, while players like Buffon make it for whatever reason.


Youth Team
I think you'd have to give it to Kaka simply because he had a good 2006/07 culminating in winning the Champions League. Because of this I belielve he'll win it, but whether Milan should have even been in the CL for him to showcase his talents last season is debatable.


Fan Favourite
Did Henry even missed what 2 or 3 months and before and after that he hasnt set the world alight.

This is a popularity contest :)


Red Card - Life
Life Ban
Yep, it is. Real Madrid have less players than Barcelona, even though they did better. Buffon hasn't played first rate footie for most of the year. Tevez was at West Ham for most of that time, and didn't do that well, he isn't spectacular right now, either.

It looks like they just recycled last year's list, but taking out Zidane. I mean, seriously, why is Torres there and Carragher not? Carragher was brilliant last season and this one, and Torres has simply been at Pool for a few months, and not as a spectacular regular. If his form continues, then he should be in next year's list, but not this one, not by a mile. Ribery has been great for Bayern recently, but that's 3 months out of the year's 12, he shouldn't be on there, when he;s been unheard of for most of last season.

I'm shocked that so many Barca players are on there, particularly Ronaldinho, who whilst of course, is Ronaldinho, he was not as good as he was in previous years. Eto'o, Marquez, I don't follow the spanish league much, but have they really been consistantly great for all of that time? Practically no ManU players are on there despite their great campaign, just the popular ones. C.Ronaldo deserves his spot, no doubt, but if Rooney is on there, then people like Scholes should be on there, too.

Why is Riqueleme there? Villareal were not competitive even in their own league, let alone entire Europe. That said, Kaka, Messi, and C.Ronaldo deserve it, Ronaldo and Kaka were spectacular, and Messi has been topping himself with every game. I didn't nam any Chelsea players because I would be biased, but I'd say that all of those Chelski's players are deserving of the award.

And Totti definitely should be on that list.


Fan Favourite
Az, here's a little answer for your question about those Barca players.

-Firstly, yea, Ronnie didn't have the greatest season of his life, but he still was great, scoring over 20 goals in La Liga (iirc) and so on.
-Eto'o was injured for many months, but he played well when he wasn't, I still wouldn't put him on the list though, but if he played the whole season like that.
-I have no f*cking idea how Titi and Rafa got there, they didn't play really much, espacially Titi, and when Rafa played, he screwed up a lot, he cost us a couple of points, which eventually decided the championship.

Popularity contest with no rational thinking.