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FIFA World Player of The Year 2007


Starting XI
Pretty funny list there, Cannavaro should how made it on there haha. Most of the Barca players, Henry, Buffon, and etc. Totti and Casillas stick out as should being there.


I Will Learn To Respect My Fellow Man, Even If It
Red Card
My personal hot prospect player awards;

Sherman Cardenas
Gonzalo Pineda
Kerlon (Cruizero)
Carlos Vela
Dawid Janczyk
Van Borre
Vincent Kompany
Tomas Sivok
Gerard Pique
Thiago Riberio
Batuhan Karadeniz
Cem Sultan


Senior Squad
In honesty, even Petr Cech shouldn't have been nominated and this is coming from a Chelsea fan. He was injured for a large part of last season and he played well when he wasn't injured but if you don't participate in something, you shouldn't be nominated to win it.

This award should only be given out based on player form over the last year, I'd say Kaka and Essien were on terrific form last year and C Ronaldo obviously. Even Ryan Giggs could get a mention there and Fabregas. Gerard was good last season and I didn't watch Serie B obviously but I heard Buffon was excellent for Juve with the promotion.

Messi might win next year because he's been terrific this season but he wasn't last season.


Senior Squad
I'm really surprised as to how henry made it to the list after last season. Half of the player's nominated don't even deserve to be there.


That Nice Guy
Luis Ah-Hoy;2418229 said:
Lionel Messi

He's the best, and i have no doubts about it!!! :rockman:




That Nice Guy
Actually, all joking aside, how has Frank Lampard wangled himself onto this list? Unbelieveble.