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*Football Manager 2005 Downloads* also includes patches for WWSM 2005


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christhetaz has done several similar ones for Scottish sides. Look here for more of them:
Dundee, and
Inverness CT
currently available.


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can anyone tell me where i can download the italian quickstart buy itself. ie not from the quickstart pack.


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From Gillsman of Sortitout.si forums

OK guys, there have been a few rumours about me making a Data Update, and a few people have PM'd me, so here is the official thread for all questions/comments/queries/suggestions or requests. This is mostly concentrating on the English leagues, although most transfers in the Scottish leagues have been done as well, as well as the major European transfers. Here is a list of the things that have been updated:
  • Player Positions (eg van Persie is now AM/FLC instead of FLC)
  • Player Names (eg Fredrick Ljungberg is now Freddie Ljungberg)
  • Competition Names (eg EPL is now Barclaycard Premiership)
  • Award Names (eg EPL Goal of Month is now Match of The Day GoM
  • PPMs for all EPL players have been edited to better reflect players
  • Hundreds of new media items have been added, including local radio stations, etc
  • All shirt sponsors now added as a media item
  • All Tansfers up to close of transfer window added * (see below)
  • All club records now accurate (eg Bolton now have Nat Lofthouse as top scorer/leage apps)
  • All board and chairmen are now up to date, including Leeds
  • All transfer budgets and bank balances tweaked
  • Chelsea are now a much better side and their financial situation is more realistic
  • All "club attributes" (visible in editor) are edited so that formations, squad rotation, etc are more realistic
  • Club and player preferences are now up to date
  • Injury names and times injured are now more realistic
  • Managers' jobs security have all been tweaked so the chances of Sam Allerdyce, Dario Gradi, etc getting sacked are slim
  • Injuries and loans from the beginning of the season all updated as well
  • All club captains now updated
  • England team more realistic, Eriksson sticks with same players and makes **** substitutions
  • Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool all rotate their keepers more
  • Some player stats edited to be more realistic
  • In very few cases ability and potential ability have been changed, for the most part these have been left alone.
That's all I can think of for the moment. But there is something very important I must say about the transfers. OK, in the interests of reality, the transfers work like this:

All transfers completed IRL before January the 1st have been edited to their new club so that they start their for the beginning of the game (eg Neil harris starts the game at Nottm Forest), with their correct squad number, contract, etc.
All players who have been transfered on January 1st or after have been edited in as a future tansfer. There is a reason behind this. All future transfers are set to the correct date, so they don't all happen on January 1st, so Fernando Morientes actually gets transfered to Liverpool on the 13th of January 2005. Therefore, if you play with "real fixtures enabled" you will actually see Morientes make his debut against Man United, which is cool. :cool:

However, there was a problem: too many clubs were blowing their transfer budget and therefore the transfers were being cancelled because, to use this example, Liverpool didn't have the £6.3m to pay Real Madrid for Morientes. So I've had to set all the future transfer fees to free. I've then edited the clubs' balances accordingly. I know this will be a major problem to a lot of people, and that is fair enough.



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That's a very limited update, but sufficient if you only play English leagues and want to be up to date there. I'd wait for the Calcio Update personally. That will be released when the 5.0.3 patch has been released.


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From www.calcio-update.com
Create a backup of your database before installing this update.
The Calcio Update Site can not be held responsible for any damage there might be done to either your database, game or computer, at any time.
Installing the update is at your own risk.

The update will be installed by unpacking the downloaded file to your data/db folder.
This is often fund at C:/Programmer/Sports Interactive/FootballManager2005/Data/DB

This does not include loans that happened after the game was released due to realism and the nature, frequency of loans changing throughout the season.

Yeah, they'll be releasing a version with installer in the near future, but if you can't wait, this is the link to the archive. And here you can find the changelog.


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Strange, went back and restored the old data files, checked it was working, which it did. Then I tried copying over the Calcio update files again and this time it worked. No idea why it didn't first time as I didn't do anything different.


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FMUpdate v101 by Throw-In (30mb)

Introducing the “FM2005 January Transfer Player Update”. This update includes the European transfers made in during the January transfer window. Including Morientes to Liverpool and Mido on loan to Spurs, and transfers made at the start of the season. Staff personnel have also been changed to clubs like Portsmouth, Tottenham and other teams which manager and staff changes. This is one of the 1st updates made after the Transfer window closed. All Christmas transfers are gone through immediately in the game therefore you will have all the players at the club at start of the season. Not only are players at there new clubs but the clubs finances have been altered to maintain current realism and media interaction has been tweaked slightly.

Changes to the Game:
- Updated European Transfers. Fully Comprehensive Up to: 04/02/05 (Unlike some updates, changes are from start of the game.)
- Changes in Club Personnel. (WBA, Portsmouth etc)
- Changes to Club Finances
- Improved Media

-Once downloaded extract the files to your db folder.
(Normally - C:Program FilesSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2005datadb)
-Choose ‘Yes to all’ and replace the existing database.
-Start a new game to see the great new changes.

FM 5.0.2 Patch Required
** Remember To Backup Your Exsiting Database Before Installation **



UPDATED original post


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Originally posted by ngyc
actually whats the different between with data and without data?

with data, transfer IRL are made in the game, eg: Morientes to Liverpool etc..kinda like a transfer update..without data is the opposite..;)