HD Scoreboards for F.I.P 14 by Lesiba [No requests]


Club Supporter
overlay_x002.big =scoreboard
overlay_x003.big =penalty shoot-out
overlay_x012.big =scorer
overlay_x013.big =yellow/red card
overlay_x015.big = scorers (after a goal and after 1st and 2nd half)
overlay_x018.big =lineup and formation
overlay_x020.big = referee
overlay_x021.big =subs
overlay_x042.big =match intro
overlay_x044.big =commentary
overlay_x045.big =table
overlay_x072.big =stats(yellow/red card)
overlay_x073.big = stats(subs)
overlay_x074.big = stats( general)
overlay_x094.big = player with miniface included, which sometimes "pop-up" under the scoreboard.
How can I create or edit this ((overlay_x042.big =match intro))
Please help bro