Kitmaking resource thread [tutorials, textures, fonts and more]


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MVP;2418766 said:
anyone can give me this font please?

I think its EDWARDIAN


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Is there a way of changing the colour of a whole texture without anything happenin to the shade of the kit?



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if anyone's trying to make argentina's new ugly kit
here's the thing in the front

and i got it bigger in case you want it


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sorry for the stupid question but im a complete noob:
-how to import kits into fifa 08??

-please help me very detailed coz as i said im a bloody n00000b!!

thx thx thx :confused:


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Alex, is dead you can remove it from your list and replace it by ;) Indeed we don't have that much "big teams" logos but it may be useful is a few times --- And don't be angry, GIF is coming there soon :D


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El .o file es el archivo donde visualizas como se ve tu kit con el programa o-edit

Well, I've made a mini video tutorial to explain how to do curve lines with corel I hope that this tutorial helps to the people who wants to start making kits.

I'll be working with another tutorial more advanced in a few days ..about how to make all the kit ..