Kitmaking resource thread [tutorials, textures, fonts and more]


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Ok after some tries i realise my first kit.

Only 2 things are missing

1° How to choose between long and short sleeves

2° The team have sponsor so how can i put the sponsors on the shirt ?




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KIT for France 2011 - 2015 :

Yesterday, the FFF signed with Nike to be the official sponsor of France.
In france It's really a revolution.

I'd like to know if it would interest you to imagine these future Nike Kit for France.

Thk u for all your grest kit and for taking care of my strange request....



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Hi - I'm rather new at using Creation Master and Kit Raptor with FIFA games; is there anywhere you lot could recommend where I might find a step-by-step tutorial for adding kits, particularly for clubs that don't exist in the game? I've not had any luck so far. :(



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can anyone help me adding and fixing fonts....everytime i try it never saves when i do save it deletes my whole roster


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Khris Watkins

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Question from a novice kitmaker - What is the best way for Black to show up on the kit - to where the texture still shows through the color? Thanks...


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Guys I'm looking for the emblem that is used on Luxembourg's kits. Does anyone know where I can find a High quality version of the rectangle logo seen in this picture?

Also, Kit Logos for Azerbaijan, Hungary, Russia and Bealrus would be highly appreciated.


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Hi , there is some way to convert 2007 kits to 2008 kits?, i didnt found a kit master 08 in the net. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

Greetings! (Y)