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Jesse J Rutheford

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Hello everyone, here I will be bringing the kits of this new season, I hope you like them.

Chelsea KitPack 18-18

Pass: DerArtz26


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Mate, am I missing something here? Disabled all ad blocks, clicked the link, ticked the "I am not a robot" thing, but nothing ever downloads?
I mean I could take the kit directly from here but you didn't post the shorts and socks as well. :)
So is it something I am not doing right in order to access the kit pack at that link?
Many thanks.


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Arsenal KitPack 18-19 by DerArzt26


Pass: DerArzt26

Great work, bad choice of download page.

Honestly I understand everyone need money and no one works for free, but there are things use to be shared in conditions.

I hope you fix the way of sharing your work. Cheers

Edit: OMG. OK.

For those which is not working. You need to press the robot captcha and close the couple of adverts around, later press the continue. A link will be generated in 10 seconds and will download you some silly junk, you need to keep pressing on get the link until the mediafire web will load.Once download, don't forget the pass. Honestly, the mod difficult download ever. Luckily later the presentation in folders and with overlays is quite positive.
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Work is amazing but I still can't seem to download.. If followed the instructions but yet nothing. Can anyone upload to mega or something and share please?