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Leagues & Teams patch 23/24


Club Supporter
I have some updated database with some issues:
1.) kits are from season 2021
2.) only 700 clubs are updated to 23/24, 200 less important clubs are not updated, they have players from season 20/21)
3.) 70 clubs from not updated ones have too few player for example: Uerdingen (Bundesliga 2 or 3) has 13 players:
INF: team id: 167 has 13 players Uerdingen
So what this mean? If in career or tournament mode your team will be about to play match against such club there won't be match, just walkover for your team 3-0
4.) Teams in leagues are from season 21. For example there is none Como team in database (in reality in current season they advanced to Serie A).
5.) None Conference League
I won't work on more progress because I play tournaments from 4 top leagues, Poland and Champions League and Europa League so for me such database is enough. What I can do more is to make working career mode, I have it worked 2 years ago, but after my recent changes it doesn't work, but it is possible to make it work again. If anybody is interested in such patch please write on priv.