NEW FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch Patch v3


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Hi. Tested the patch 2.0, still having these issues:
1) La bombonera and el monumental don't have any public, the statiums are empty.
2) couldnt fount "libertadores mode"
3) I played to seasons in manager mode, and after the second season the games crashes, exactly when I want to pass from second season to the third.


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Part 2: and now I'ver tried the patch 3.0.
Public issue in some stadiums solved!
but, new issue: In the configuration of your team, I can't choose the roles (free kicker, corner kicker, etc). It just appears "undeffined", and if you trie to change it the game crashes and close.
Sorry for the feedback, hope it helps.


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Quickbms and script for extract and repack
Use tools for any FIFA (dbmaster, rx3master ,etc)
Hi Diaz, im modding for the psvita using FIFA 15 vita as base. i have run into a small problem...
how do i get rid of this screen please?


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hey man, this is brilliant work. Just wondering, why dont you post on reddit, this way this will get more attention.
On an unrelated note, once fifa 21 releases can you make a patch for fifa 20 legacy edition which adds fifa 21 squads


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Hi guys
I download full version and make folder contents in address ans copy folder on it . But noting changed and patch dont apply , please help me


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Do you have/know of a version for FIFA 19?
I'd decided not to buy 20 because I knew it would be the same thing.