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OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v5 (FIFA 14 HBZ Mod 22/23 Season)


Club Supporter
They are the same ones which were uploaded by Harry yesterday

not full released , check 1st page for details

hi, im noob in this forum. where i can find help for my situation? my south american players stuck in international teams at 24/25 10-11 september....


Youth Team
They're not full, but they're gonna play Europe competitions. The leagues that have logo UEFA, CONMEBOL and AFC are not full. From the ALP db list of 31 leagues, it was only made AFC and CAF leagues.
Would it possible to update these leagues and make them compatible with Harry's new mod?


Club Supporter
Awesome. If I had FIFA 14 on PC (miss when I used to play it on my 360), I'd pick this up in a blink. Probably add a couple more African leagues to the mix (like South Africa and Tunisia).
Just one thing: are there more international teams in this? I don't think I spotted that on the description, I really want to play with Japan again.


Youth Team
Personally, I am not very interested in the AFC-CAF update, so I would download:
FIP14 v5.01 – UPDATE
FIP14 v5.02 – UPDATE
FIP14 v5.02 – REVIEW
FIP14 v5.03 – UPDATE
and also the 3 facepacks V5
And of course, Creation Master 15 2022 to install it.
That would leave you FIFA 14 updated until February 13, 2023
Yes pleeeeeeeease


Club Supporter
Hi guys, patch is amazing.
Wish to to say thanks to all of you.
It is very tough to find some free time today due to all obligations, so my respect for all of you.

Wanted to use the opportunity to ask, is there any chance do get Lamine Yamal real face ?
Thanks in advance

EDIT: Also, what i realized is that players value is a little bit down and unreal. For example, i started with Barca and brought Bernardo, Palhinha, Nico Williams and Frimpong for less then 120m which was starting budget.
It is impossible that Berando can be bought for 30m or Nico for the same amount.
If there is any chance for this to be fixed, will be grateful. Ty

Question: I found some face for Yamal, if i upoload it through CM15 , is that gonna make my game crashed at some point ?
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Club Supporter
Hey boys, someone knows how make numbers fonts por fifa 14?, i want to do nike eurocup font and adidas copa america font


Reserve Team
First go to
FIFA 14\Game\dlc\dlc_FootballCompEng\dlc\FootballCompEng\data
Open CMsettings..
Then edit the portion having [defaults]

View attachment 111614

after the changes you made save it (before everything make sure to backup your original files)

Then go to FIFA 14\Game\dlc\dlc_FootballCompEng\dlc\FootballCompEng\data\compdata

Open Settings file

View attachment 111615
edit then save.. regenerate..

You will have 9 substitute players available in the bench..

But keep this in mind.. Career mode might become unstable.. ( Maybe it is due to teams with small squads.. I might be wrong).. However I played 3 or 4 seasons without any serious crashes with this settings last year.

Do it in your own risk..
in game, its still only 7 on the bench... 9 players show in team management though..