Scissorhands' flags thread - Taking request


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Jomi.... please be pervert where you want but not on my thread please :nape: :kader: :rolleyes: ahahahah, I'm sure you'll kick my ass on our next meeting :hump:

SlowHand... thanks I knew that site already ;)

Here are Hammarby IF and Djurgårdens IF



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Thx a lot for the Hammarby flags

The problem now is that i dont now where and how i put them in the game.
is there any guides / programs i can use ?

edit: i tried the "Flag Raptor 2005 demo" but i got a runtime error.
im stucked :(


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Martijn... Sorry for delay man.... but THANKS AGAIN for those great screenies!

Nicklas... I'll send you FSH ready to import, please just wait a bit man ;)

Next coming will be River Plate, Boca Juniors, Man U and FC Porto.

Here are already Pohang Steelers and Rangers FC



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Is the release of the full versions anywhere in sight? Don't get me wrong, the samples are magnificent, but why be satisfied with this when we can get the full ones :ewan:


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Hi to you all guys, sorry for being off the forum for so long, I've been reformated the PC and I need to configure all the pc again before restarting doing flags.

Of course I'll do all requests and flags packs will be available very soon now (I wish).

Thanks for being patient!