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What was your most emotional memories watching Football?


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Originally posted by BRAZIL'S_#9
How can n 1 forget this :


I try but it haunts me. Oh the pain!


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Saddest moment was on my graduation night of high school. Holland played Italy in the EC 2000 semi-finals and we somehow managed to miss two penalties in the game. Eventually we lost on penalties after over time. We would have beaten France in the final.


Starting XI

Wolves VS Newcastle in teh FA CUP all my friends havent even heard of wolves and kept making fun of me. And saying they would get slaughtered by Newcastle (I kinda thought that would happen to) but was soo happy when they won

Wolves VS Sheffield United.. gaining promotion this year


Senior Squad
The Germans were celebrating on the touchline in injury time of the CL final, 26th May 1999, then Giggs scuffed a shot which Sheringham turned into the Bayern goal. I jumped up and landed on my knees, which hurt.

I was recovering happily, the Beckham swung in a corner which Solskjaer got his leg to and 'Solskjaer has done it!'. I was running around my room going mental. The Germans were crying and punching the turf just 2 mins after celebrating a victory.

I couldn't believe it. I opened a bottle of beer and phoned my Dad and I just couldn't talk for a minute or two, laughing, crying with joy all at the same time because of the sudden change in emotion.

Still gives me goose bumps and can feel the emotion growing when I think about it now. I can't watch the clip of Solskjaer scoring, peeling off to the corner, sliding on his knees and Tyldesley yelling 'Solskjaer has done it!' without getting all emotional. :D


Senior Squad
australia losing to iran in 97 was the worst. second worst was losing to uruguay in 01. cried both times:(

united winning the treble is up there with the best. as is every other league title:D

south: winning back2back nsl's was great stuff, but doing sh!t all since then leaves me feeling empty.

the oddest emotion i've had was when south played united in brazil in 2000:confused:
i supported for united in that match since i've been a fan of them for waaaaaayyyy longer.


Youth Team
1. Coming back from 1 v 0 down in injury time to win champs league in 99
2. ronaldinho's flukekick :'(
3. england losing to germany in 1990 semi final
4. seeing oldham hold (or did they beat) Villa to hand man u the title in 93.
5. hughes's volley in injury time to force a replay against oldham in fa cup semi.
after the montenegro game, i spoke maybe three words for the rest of that week :(. that was truly depressing

but i liked the cl final, although it wouldnt have been as good if we lost (H)
Re: What was your most emotional memories watching Football?

Originally posted by pasion1
4) Maradona lifting the Cup in 88.

?? 88 you mean 1986 right?

anyway, mine is

1) 2000/2001 FA Cup final when Owen scored the 2nd goal against arsenal... i never thought that we can do that ... we were 2nd best through out the whole match until the 86 minutes when owen scored the equaliser...

2) 1986 WC Mexico, Brazil vs France.. brazil lost out in the penalty shot out... i was so disappointed that day...

3) 1994 WC Final, Brazil vs Italy.. Brazil finally won the world cup through the penalty shot out.. the final itself is a disappointment.. but the important point is that they won...


Club Supporter
Dennis Bergkamps goal against Newcastle (amazing!) and Thierry Henry Against Tottenham...

i couldnt believe my eyes!!


Senior Squad
Has to be the Champions League final in 1999. Oh the feeling of winning a match is only beaten by winning the most important match of the year when you fought you where going to lose it two minuetes before the end of the match.


Youth Team
I could recall lots of football memories full of emotions,but I'll stick to some of them which you might all know:

2001-F.A. Cup Final:Liverpool vs Arsenal 2-1
Michael Owen scores two late goals and Liverpool lifts the trophy.

2001-UEFA Cup Final:Liverpool vs Alaves 5-4
A match long to be remembered anyway,and an own-goal giving Reds a "golden goal" victory.

Season 1999-2000,Spanish La Liga
Barcelona-Real Madrid 2-2
A late Raul equaliser,after a superb match,and the scorer puting his finger on his lips,asking the crowd to keep silent.


Reserve Team
My Top 10 high's and Lows

10 - Beating Sunderland 1-0 at the SoS. Dabizas went mental wen he scored and he damn well deserved too. He was all over the pitch that game. Hes a defender and he had more shots than our strikers!

9 - Beating The Argies 1-0. Oh! Revenge is sweet

8 - Losing to the Argies in '98. I didnt want to speak about football after this. It was terrible.

7 - Beating Denmark 3-0. I seriously thought we were going to win the World Cup after this.

6 - The 0-0 draw with Nigeria. Not great in itself but the pictures of the Batistuta and the rest of the Argies crying when they realised they crashed out was priceless.

5 - Rob Lee scoring against Chelsea. FA Cup semi. We are 2-0 down even though we have played out of our skins and both Chelsea goals should've been technically ruled out. But the man who was written off by Ruud Guillit gets his own back.

4 - Shearer scoring against the Germans. What better person to score for England against Germany. And in one of his last matches.

3 - Losing to Brazil. This hurt. I was so hopeful and when Owen scored i knew we were going to win the wrold cup. Well, i thought I did :(

2 - England 5 - 1 Germany. I dont endorse racism of any kind. But hanging out my mates window shouting '**** off you Geramn Bastard' to a german kid who lived in the street was funny.

1 - Beating Feyenoord 3-2. Bellamys last minute goal will stick in my head forever. I cried my eyes out just remembering what we came from 2 years before.

And the ones that didnt make it in.

Shearers last game for england...

Drawing with Inter when we kicked the ****e outta them all game at the San Siro!

Watch Sunderland sinking into the depths of the Nationwide!


Team Captain
Originally posted by briggzy

2 - England 5 - 1 Germany. I dont endorse racism of any kind. But hanging out my mates window shouting '**** off you Geramn Bastard' to a german kid who lived in the street was funny.

f*ck Scum


Senior Squad
Bad Briggzy, there was absolutely no need for doing that.What had he done to you?Nothing.
Think before you speek.
oh yah.. england beat germany 5-1 was a great match... especially all the goals was scored by liverpool's players.. and owen scored a hattrick made it even more sweeter...(H) :D

Tony Wang

Club Supporter
1) When Blackburn got relegated..

2) When I saw Kuffour crying and hitting the ground so hard after the CL match against Man Utd.

3) Beckham scoring the penalty against Argentina.

4) South Korea wonderful performances at World Cup 2002


Starting XI
1) Equaling Celtic's 9 in a row record
2) Losing out on 10 in a row on the last day of the season :(
3)Winning the league at Celtic park
4) Beating England at Wembly in the Play-offs for Euro 2000 only to go out 2-1 on aggregate :(


Reserve Team
Originally posted by veron28
Bad Briggzy, there was absolutely no need for doing that.What had he done to you?Nothing.
Think before you speek.

Well, he had actually. He called us a bunch of English Wankstains. I was young, foolish and yes, maybe a little giddy with the excitement of seeing England just beat Germany 5-1.


Senior Squad
one of my faves was also Uruguay/Brazil in the Copa America 95. That game was so nerve wrecking. I remember when it was over, I looked around the bar as everyone was just running around celebrating, i just started to cry right there. good times.:)