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    Ronaldo set to Retire

    There's no point in dwelling on the past. What happened is done. This is the end of an era. Viva Ronaldo!!!! :33vff3o: :33vff3o: :33vff3o: :33vff3o: :33vff3o: :33vff3o: :33vff3o: :33vff3o: :33vff3o: :33vff3o:
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    Maybe the problem is the sum of R,O,N,A,L and D...

    You all wish you could have his belly and his bank accounts.
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    WC 2010 QF: Uruguay vs Ghana [P + R]

    Suarez "didn't get away with it" but his team did. Ghana had the ball heading for the net, genius.
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    WC 2010 QF: Uruguay vs Ghana [P + R]

    Penalties are a lottery. Football is a team game. 120 min of team effort to be decided by 5 minutes of individual contribution is stupid. You think they would have come up with a better solution after 100 years now...
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    WC 2010 QF: Paraguay vs Spain [P + R]

    1-0, boring Spanish football wins again...
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    WC 2010 QF: Paraguay vs Spain [P + R]

    Should have been a goal for Paraguay. Spain's looking pretty poor.
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    2010 Nike ad: Write the Future

    This year's commercials from both Nike and Adidas are awful in my opinion. This whole Sin City + 300 theme they got going on is way overdone. Secondly, none of the players in these commercials mattered at all during the tournament. Flashy individuals with high contracts who cannot function as...
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    WC 2010 QF: Uruguay vs Ghana [P + R]

    I hope they break this ****'s leg and his dick for that handball. And I hope Holland rapes them (Uruguay) in the semi-final.
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    WC Matchday 19: [PAR v JPN] + [ESP v POR]

    Doesn't matter who deserved the win, it doesn't changed the fact that the goal was scored from an offside and the red card was pulled out of the ref's ass. These things do change the course of a game.
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    About modern superstars...

    I tell you why... because they don't give a ****. They don't get paid for playing on the national team. Only a fool puts more energy into a hobby than his full-time job. Or someone with loads of ambition. Which one of these do you think your superstars fall under? The game's become...
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    WC Matchday 16: [URU v KOR] + [USA v GHA]

    The African dreams lives on! Great performance, the US was outplayed.
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    WC Matchday 16: [URU v KOR] + [USA v GHA]

    Ghana and Korea.
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    Fifa World Cup: Last 16

    The "World Champions" should be able to beat any and all teams. The only two teams with a perfect record in the competition so far are Holland and Argentina. In my opinion, they are the most deserving and most likely to meet in the final. I would pick Portugal as the dark horse seeing as...
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    WC Matchday 15: [POR v BRA] + [PRK v CIV] + [SUI v HON] + [CHI v ESP]

    Lol at Torres. I hope Portugal beats these fools. Chile is a mega-******* team. You're looking at the future stars.
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    WC Matchday 14: [DEN v JPN] + [CMR v NED] + [SVK v ITA] + [PAR v NZL]

    Awfully quiet around here now. Haha.