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  1. A

    Kits of season 18/19 for FIFA 15

    Can somebody please provide season 18/19 kits for FIFA 15? I really want it. The season is about to get over but nobody has made it yet for 15. And those kits must have proper number font style and colour. Please. For FIFA 15
  2. ILNUR127

    Kits problem League Champions and League Europa?

    In matches of the championship and the Cup of the country, the form is normal. And in the Champions League and the Europa League the forms do not change, always the same, because something has to be? How to fix? ModdingWay latest version. __________________________________________________ В...
  3. Yands

    SD Kits By Yandi

    Welcome to my thread Where i post some kits Hope You enjoy
  4. D

    Germany 1990 kits anybody?

    Hi, I am looking for a kitpack with the German kit for the 1990 World Cup but I havent been able to find it. If anybody can share it it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Sehmsdorf-11

    Kits by Sehmsdorf-11 [FIFA 19]

    Hello everyone, after a problem i'm back, happy to start again! Regards Sorry for my english
  6. diazjesux

    Oficial EA Kits Converted 18/19

    *Extracted and converted kits-minikits from the Playstation 3 version *Sleeves fixed *Removed patch of league *Replace the original shields with higher resolution ones *RX3 of Fifa 16 *etc *If you want to collaborate send message
  7. afwan

    Manchester United Megastore

    Welcome to United Direct The Official Manchester United Online Megastore just opened! INDEX Old Trafford Player Bench Manchester United Club Flags Manchester United Away Kit 18/19
  8. jesusahudel

    KITS Updates

  9. HiryuYoshi

    HiryuYoshi's TOUR :: BEGIN

    Do you want kits from EFL? BRENTFORD FC AWAY / GK Thanks to mongolos for templates (you are awesome mongolos)
  10. diazjesux

    diazjesux's KITS

    PARMA 18-19 THIRD HD http://www.mediafire.com/file/glhqpt22z48oxgn/PARMA+THIRD+HD.zip SD http://www.mediafire.com/file/uku36uj9e871x4q/PARMA+THIRD+SD.zip
  11. jesusahudel

    Kits La Liga españa 2018-19

    se iran posteando los kits de la liga española temporada 2018-19 INDEX All minikits Download Athletic Bilbao Kits Download Atlético Madrid Kits Download FC Barcelona Kits Download + Gks Kits Real Betis Kits Download Celta de Vigo Kits Download SD Eibar Kits Download Espanyol Kits Download...
  12. jesusahudel


    Compartimos nuestros kits para THE LIGA MX 2018-19 DESCARGAR DESCARGAR
  13. DarthWinn

    Templates for FIFA 15

    Hello Everybody! I need the kits blank template in order to create new one. Can you help me with the photoshop files that contains designs of Puma, Adidas, Nike for 2017/2018 season? Thanks in advance
  14. T

    Parameter is not valid. Problem with kits

    Somebody who know this error, Can help me? If need more details, I can tell it
  15. JX'on

    JX'on Kits

    I'm michalskoda. I created new account because I don't like my last nick. So that's my new thread :D Valencia CF 18/19 Away
  16. diazjesux

    Hungary - OTP Bank Liga 17/18

  17. Jesse J Rutheford

    Kits By DerArzt26

    Hello everyone, here I will be bringing the kits of this new season, I hope you like them. Chelsea KitPack 18-18 Pass: DerArtz26 Link: http://tmearn.com/V7u0592
  18. cuhaismail

    I Need World Cup Update Kits

    I can not find the kits (for Nike 2019 kit patterns) that came with the World Cup Update from Frosty Editor, please help... :(
  19. diazjesux

    PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije 2017-2018

  20. VinzouDesBois

    VinzouDesBois's Classic Kits

    Hi Everyone, Here's my thread. I know, or at least I assume this kind of thread has been popular a few years ago, but it's my pleasure to do those kits. I take no requests but I'll try to make as many as possible and update my first post. First of all : Manchester United 1996 and Fiorentina...