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  1. diazjesux

    PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije 2017-2018

  2. VinzouDesBois

    VinzouDesBois's Classic Kits

    Hi Everyone, Here's my thread. I know, or at least I assume this kind of thread has been popular a few years ago, but it's my pleasure to do those kits. I take no requests but I'll try to make as many as possible and update my first post. First of all : Manchester United 1996 and Fiorentina...
  3. Jesse J Rutheford

    Fifa World Cup DerArzt26

    Hello everyone, here I share what you do so far. Create 30 of the 32 selections that will attend Russia 2018. Some catches. Visit my Facebook page, to get the links and see all the captures within the Game. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DerArzt26/posts/ The...
  4. diazjesux

    Superliga Srbija 2017-2018 COMPLETE!!

    ¡¡¡¡¡DOWNLOAD!!!!!! ALL TEAMS! NORMAL LOGO EMBROIDERED LOGO RX3 MINIKITS PNG'S http://www.mediafire.com/file/3sbs7crkook99ss ***PARTIZAN by mogolos and ZikaJeSrbin Crvena Zvezda by Mogolos**** http://www.mediafire.com/file/56g9c0y98iskemq
  5. diazjesux

    Ukrainian Premier League 2017-2018 Complete

    Ukrainian Premier League Complete Set Kits, RX3, MiniKits -----Dynamo Kyiv and Zorya kits by mogolo's RX3+PNG+MINIKITS http://www.mediafire.com/file/x1hl2p7g58h78z3
  6. Futbol Club

    Help With Kit Numbers and Hotspots

    Alguien me podría explicar como cambiar y o agregar fuentes para los números de los kits y también como cambiar la posición de los números en los pantalones.
  7. Enriquevy

    Pes 2010 never forgotten - Kits 2018 (Techfit style)

    I'm a fan of this PES, and I know, there are very few interested in this game, but in my free time I decided to update some of the shirts of these teams, convert them to fit in this pes, I ventured a little more (I excite a little), and decided to create to fit the techfit kits, style of shirt...
  8. Futbol Club

    MLS 2018

    Kits MLS FIFA 18 https://mega.nz/#!B5ECTSIC!82FzoKfvfeRBkaJ6eI1UvWgGPzh7pd2yvlrX7_TnsGU FIFA KITS EDITION Link del facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FIFAKitCR/
  9. yanfer

    yanfer's kits

    Hi mates, this is my kits thread and I'll post all kits I'll do, ONLY retro kits. List of kits (chronological order) • Valencia 2004/05 • Siena 2017/18 • Grêmio FBPA 2001/02 • Santos 2004/05 • Real Madrid 2008/09 • Fulham 1998/99 • Tottenham 1985/86 • Brazil 1998/99 • Barcelona Mash-up 2018 •...
  10. cheirador

    2018 United Soccer League (USL)

    I'm happy to announce my new project for 2018: 33 USL 2018 teams' kits I'm not looking for this, but if someone wants to collaborate, i'll be happy.
  11. Futbol Club

    Color Of Kits Numbers (Question)

    How can I change the color of the numbers for the FIFA 18 kits? ¿Como puedo modificar el color de los números para los kits de FIFA 18?
  12. Harry BullZak


    THE LINKS FOR THIS MOD WILL BE REMOVED ON THE 1ST OCTOBER 2018. CLICK FOR NEW SEASON 18-19 PATCH THREAD The Community Patch is FINALLY here. It's huge so please note you will need a staggering 45GB of free space to install. Initial download is 11.5GB. Sorry for the massive delay on...
  13. ilEnzo97

    Classic Kits by ilEnzo97

    Independiente 1995-96 (Argentina) Home - Away
  14. ilEnzo97

    Italian Kits by ilEnzo97

    Gallipoli 1909 (Eccellenza) Home - Away - Third or GK
  15. J

    Josepa94's Kits

    Peru home WC 2018 Link: http://ouo.io/yFjkED Pass: Josepa94 PD: I don't know how to change the position of the badge and numbers
  16. diazjesux

    Ukrainian Premier League 17/18 by diazjesux

    FC Zirka Kropyvnytsky LOCAL+AWAY+GK
  17. FIFAMoro

    FIFAMoro : Made & Converted kits

    In this section I'll post kits I've made and kits I've converted, also I'll accept some requests to be converted. http://oussamabelhcen.net/FIFAMoro/category/kits/
  18. Nathan Alexander

    FIFA 10 Kits version 2017-18 By Nathan

    Updating some Kits from FIFA10. Several kits will be uploaded.
  19. P

    Kitpack Premier League 17-18

    Does anyone have a kitpack of the Premier League (2017-2018)? :)
  20. diazjesux

    Italy Serie B 2017/18 Making KITS

    I looked for the kits but I can not find them anywhere I am a beginner creating kits I found this patch for ps4 for pes http://www.mediafire.com/file/mvrbakh16o59bpx/WEPESB.rar I have edited them and this is the result Hopefully someone will be encouraged to edit the kits...