FIFA STREET PS3 - NPEB01493 - 2019 Mod/Patch (CFW+OFW HAN)

Discussion in 'FIFA Street' started by fifayoun, Jan 29, 2019.

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    Hey guys, recently I played some FIFA Street on the PS3 again after a long time and I enjoyed a lot. It also got me to think, what if we can mod it?

    And now, it's easier to do so thanks to the PS3Xploit team which brought us some CFW functions on OFW consoles, including installing custom packages (therefore being able to mod even on OFW).

    What I am trying to do is to update kits, balls, players and faces to the current season. I couldn't do it without the incredible guys in the forums here (especially in the FIFA 14/16 forums), who have converted a lot of files from newer FIFA's in working format for older FIFA's (FIFA 14 files work on FIFA Street as well).

    As for the FIFA Street versions that can be modded, I think all digital versions (PSN or CFW2OFW) should be compatible. Disc versions won't be compatible on OFW PS3's (unless someone knows a workaround), as it's impossible to overwrite disc files or use custom Eboots on OFW (CFW might be able).

    I have an OFW PS3, with FIFA Street on both disc (BLES01493) and digital (NPEB01493). That's why I target NPEB01493, for the other versions I will need other users to try to see if it works the same.

    If there is someone who can also create stadiums, boots or kit textures and would like to help, that would be awesome, as in FIFA Street we can make turf, concrete and futsal pitches all over the world, have different boottypes (turf/futsal) with 3D laces and we can also have the "custom" kits (streetkits), which means we can also put hoodies, jacks, shirts, vests and pants into the game. Therefore, we can create the training tops and track suits used by clubs in real life into the game to give it a more authentic feel.

    So, long story short, I am trying to update the game to the current season, using the converted files from FIFA 18/19 we can find in this forum.

    I have made a little start, to show off what is capable. Of course there is still a lot to do. If someone would like to help by testing/creating new stuff (like described above), that would be great! I am trying to slowly add more stuff (it's a long process, as every file needs to be encrypted for the game to actually read it).

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    I was just wondering if the time for modding was finally coming, since finally emulators are making this a possibility. However, FIFA volta is coming so it's not really USEFUL. I mean, if your PC can run rpcs3, it can DEFINETLY run normal FIFA. Still very interested in trying to bring this game's potential to the max

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