The Most Underrated Bands of All Time


Starting XI
I hate this emo **** so much. Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance etc, they can all **** themselves. This is where its at:

Spacehog - their hit song "in the meantime" is that classic 90's song. one of my favorite songs.

Jethro Tull


The Band - If you havent heard "the weight" by the band, you should slap yourself.

John Lennon - i guarantee most of you have only heard "imagine". Listen to "oh yoko". His unknown stuff is definitely underrated.

The Kinks - "We are the Village Green Preservation Society" is one of best albums ever. download "animal farm". and this is before "you really got me now". They were better in their early years.

The Stone Roses

And today:

The Shins

The Strokes - "Someday" , my favorite song from the last 5 years.


the Strokes underrated?? their pretty well known/appreciated

Id nominate the Canadian band Sloan :jambo:


Starting XI
The Strokes get no respect around here. One of my friends hates them, and i just cant understand it. Its a great band.


Fan Favourite
British Sea Power - Nice, poppy songs about random people in history who's nobody heard about.

Hope of the States - Popularity seemed to hit the skids since the death of their guitarist, but they're a bloody good band with a bloody good release under their belt.

Engineers - One of their songs is on a yoghurt advert! Yay! You've hit the big leagues now, fellas!
emo bands (most of them) are extremely gay but I still listen to them cause they simple sound nice... :boohoo: :p


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Don't know exactly what you mean by underrated, but Kent and The Sounds are two great bands that aren't that well known (I think :confused: )

Voltaic Borusse

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Another band I forgot to mention is Deftones. They don't get the recognition they deserve. Adrenaline, Around the Fur, and White Pony are excellent albums.

Ubik Valis

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Voltaic Borusse said:
Another band I forgot to mention is Deftones. They don't get the recognition they deserve. Adrenaline, Around the Fur, and White Pony are excellent albums.

Deftones? That's odd, I always thought of them to be one of the most recognised and respected bands of the 90's modern rock/nu-metal/whatever era. :chew:?


Youth Team
Thin Lizzy, Chuck Berry

Also, I agree John Lennon did loads of other damn good songs other than Imagine; e.g Watching the Wheels, Mind Games, Starting Over, Jealous Guy, Instant Karma, Nobody told me, etc. etc.

But I think he does get a lot of credit, but some of his lesser known songs need more credit.


Starting XI
KMFDM maybe? Everybodys talking about Rammstein but no one mentions KMFDM, although Rammstein are just KMFDM's copycats...


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Idlewild are definately underrated, you don't really hear much about them, but they're awesome. Same with Dream Theater.


That Nice Guy
just talking to Alex about Dreamtheater, good band :D Have a look at Marillion, imagine Genisis but better.

Oh and no offence but John Lennon was **** without the Beatles.



Starting XI
Dream Theater are NOT overrated, you just can't expect them to have the same projection a mainstream band has. Their albums are allways highly rated in most rock magazines, and their musicians allways feature in the top 30/20 of numerous rock rankings

For me, an extremely underrated band is Warrant. While bands like Motley Crue we're gettin more fame for their lifestyles then their music, Warrant recorded some kickass albums and are never considered one of the best hard rock bands of the 80's, which they are
(I suggest you listen to "Uncle Tom's Cabin", is absolute ****in kickass)

Also, Gregg Alexander's band New Radicals recorded on of the best albums of the 90's ("Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too") and no one ever quite gave a **** except for the single "You Get What You Give", that ain't even the best piece of the record.


That Nice Guy
Dazmania said:
yeah, most OVERrated song: John Lennon - Imagine

agreed, good but come on, its hardly better than Bohemian Rhapsody :D

Shindig said:
Teenage Fanclub. Could've been big!

dont tell me they arent wankers :D