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Both and according to Koeman Charisteas IS eligible for the UEFA cup, that was one of the reasons why they contracted him..

then Koeman is a LIAR

Ajax-doelman Hans Vonk vreest het UEFA Cup-treffen met AJ Auxerre te moeten missen. Ook achter Sneijder staat een groot vraagteken.

Vonk hield zondag het duel met NAC Breda na één helft voor gezien. De Zuid-Afrikaanse international moest zich in rust vanwege een bovenbeenblessure laten vervangen door Maarten Stekelenburg.

Volgens Vonk zal het moeilijk worden om woensdag helemaal hersteld te zijn. De Ajax-doelman verwacht dat hij volgende week tegen FC Den Bosch weer onder de lat kan plaatsnemen.

Ajax-trainer Ronald Koeman heeft met het oog op het UEFA Cup-treffen ook zorgen over Wesley Sneijder. De international heeft te kampen met een hamstringblessure. Ook John Heitinga is nog onzeker. De verdedigende middenvelder meldde zich zondagochtend met griep af voor het duel met NAC.

Angelos Charisteas is sowieso tegen Auxerre niet van de partij. De Griekse aanvaller is niet speelgerechtigd en wordt naar alle waarschijnlijkheid vervangen door Ryan Babel.

or you could be wrong :p


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According to De Telegraafg, John van den Brom has signed up for another two years of coaching Jong Ajax.

Apparently, there is interest from Olympique Lyon for Yakubu. He's supposed to go to AZ at the end of the season when his contract with Ajax runs out.


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Aye good for Yakubu.
but doesn't he have a contract that keeps him at ajax till summer 2006...
I thought he was on the list of players that HAVE to be sold cuz next year would be their last contractyear. Like trabelsi & maxwell are sure to be sold at the end of this season

And we're gonna miss maxwell.. what an awesome goal yesterday :rockman:


Well it was obvious that Maxwell and Trabelsi would leave at the end of this season and indeed it's a damn shame.
Trabelsi played an awesome game yesterday unbelievable, that Akalé didn't stood a chance with Trabelsi on his tail.
Maxwell showed everyone again (the whole of Europe) what he can do and we all know that he can do it but lately he had bad luck in his finishing. Not yesterday what a gooooooooooaaaaal that was. But Rafael is getting back to his old form too, he played really an outstanding game and the backflick to Maxwell that provided the goal was class!
Man i have enjoyed myself very much yesterday in de ArenA, we had a party afterwards in the 'soccerworld' cafe. That cafe is owned by Blind, van 't Schip, R en F de Boer and D. Blind was there too yesterday. Even a few players came there to drink a beer after the game, i saw the Romanians there Lobont and Mitea, Lobont is a real party animal even if he is benched he is just as happy when the team wins now that's what i call professional!
Man it was awesome, now let's finish them next week in Auxerre and progress to the next round.



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It's very likely Koeman and Ajax are going to part today. The trade in ajaxstocks has be stopped which points in the direction of some major news.
The situation has gone out of control, Koeman needs to leave. The only question for me is whether he's going to get fired or that he resigns and keeps his dignity


Well after last night it was all too obvious, what a capital mistake to substitute players like Rosales for instance and doing it at the most strange moments i was stunned!
Bringing in Maduro when Auxerre had to take a corner is just plain stupid and a big mistake on Koemans part!!

Still i like to say thanks Ronald for everything cause in general he has been a great coach for Ajax in the last years.
I bet he is going to Spain now to replace that Rainieri at Valencia.
Krol and Bruinsslot will stay and take over the tasks of Koeman.

Koeman said that he wanted to leave right away so i can only praise him for that, the loss against Auxerre was the so-called last drop..

Ajax is already looking for a new coach, since Co is leaving AZ i say let's get him back but it will probably be Danny Blind that's my guess...


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From what I've read and heard, Ajax is looking at three people: Henk Ten Cate, Martin Jol and Danny Blind.

  • Ten Cate told the Spanish newspaper "El Mundo Deportivo: "Where there's smoke, there's fire." He said he would think things over after finish the season with Barca. Rijkaard has confirmed Ajax' interest at a press conference. That makes TC a June 1-option.
  • Martin Jol's agent said that Ajax wanted Jol for two jobs: head coach and technical director. Cruijff is supposed to have proposed this idea. Edwin van der Sar has said that Jol will stay in England. Ajax may be a bigger club, but the EPL is a bigger league, according to van der Sar.

Also, there seems to be prolonged interest from PSV in Steven Pienaar.


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I can't imagine Martin Jol coming to Ajax.
Sure he's a great coach it would be good for ajax if he came over, but he has just spent a lot of years in Holland at RKC to get to a big club in England. I don't think he'll be that eager to get back to Holland, he's doing to good at Tottenham.
Henk ten Cate is a more likely option but he's having a good time at Barca aswell. i think he'll at least finish his season at Barca.
And about Blind.. he has achieved nothing so far with any football team, just the A1 juniors. So I'd actually rahter not have him as a headcoach. But then again.. what did van BAsten achieve.

I personally think Ruud Krol should finish the season with ajax as a head coach and we'll see on in the summer


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Blind has become champions with A1 Juniors several times so that proves that he's capable of dealing with youngsters correctly which is very important with the likes of Sneijder, Heitinga, Maarten and Rafael in the team beeing the most important players of the squad.


Pienaar stays with Ajax and will NEVER go to PSV that's for sure!
About coaching Ajax, Krol and Bruinsslot will stay till the end of the season and then they will anounce the new coach and it will most likely be Ten Cate wanna bet ;)


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Have you guys ever sit and watched football matches and see how many former Ajax players there are playing all over? Just yesterday I was watching Manchester City and saw Kiki Musampa. (I knew he played there, but I have'nt seen the premiere league for a long time.) In the eredivisie almost every team has an ex-ajacied or Ajax player on loan, you've got Knopper, Timmer, De Cler, Boschker, Bobsen, Hersi, uhm...Landzaat too right?, Yakubu, Sibon(?), van der Gun, Seedorf and these guys are the ones who actually made it to the first teams.


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yeah thats true
there are also a lot of players that have gone through Ajax-training in the youth teams but never made it to the first team. Guys like Berck Beelenkamp, Lindenbergh, van den Bergh, Schulp and a whole lot more :)

in other news.. Jol and ten Cate have both said they won't leave their clubs in this season.
There might be a chance that ten Cate comes to ajax next season, but its still speculation


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I didn't expect them to leave right now. Krol will finish the season and then Ten Cate takes over in the summer...


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ArenA of uncertainty

Ernst Bouwes

Ronald Koeman has left the building. 'Through the front door', as he told the waiting press, making clear that it was his own decision to leave Ajax.

The board of directors were conspicuous by their absence in the hours that followed. It may have taken them by surprise.

Only four months ago they backed the trainer in favour of technical director Louis van Gaal. Then, Van Gaal left, now it is Koeman, leaving the club in a precarious position. Since 1997 four coaches have not fulfilled their contracts in Amsterdam.

The day after the UEFA Cup exit in Auxerre, Koeman said that he could no longer bring what was needed as an Ajax coach.

Demoralised by a late French winner and the disappointing display of his team on that night and in preceding weeks before, he no longer knew how to lift his team.

The chemistry between coach and players was over, obviously. Koeman decided not to let things drag on.

Ajax, however, are in trouble now as they are left with a struggling team. Except for injury-prone Tomas Galasek the team has few leading players on the pitch. Most defenders and midfielders are too young to boss around, while others are just glad to be in the squad.

Another problem for Koeman was that he had lost the faith of the home support in de Amsterdam ArenA. These are a fickle bunch, not satisfied with an ordinary three-pointer. No, their team has to outplay opponents for ninety minutes, mixing brilliant tricks with dazzling passing moves and bundles of goals.

That is what they have come to expect over the years. Looking back at the Cruyff era between 1965 and 1973 Ajax had a goal average of almost four goals in every league game at home.

In the five years with Van Basten up front (1982-87) they did even slightly better. During the Van Gaal era (1992-97) the average dropped to 'only' three, but there were few complaints as they won three league titles, two European trophies and one Dutch cup.

Until last summer Koeman did slightly worse than Van Gaal with 2.75 goals a game in the Arena but started the season spectacularly with a 6-2 win over NAC Breda. Though after that Ajax started another ten league games and could never offer the supporters more than one goal per afternoon, except against relegation candidates RBC Roosendaal and FC Den Bosch.

The latter took until injury time before Daniel De Ridder and Nourdin Boukhari managed to break the deadlock for the 2-0 win. The fans were, in Barca-style, for several minutes waving their white hankies frantically, like they had done so many times before this season.

Koeman complained afterwards about the lack of support from the terraces where the first whistles had started in the tenth minute of the match. He sensed that the players started to feel uncomfortable in their own stadium and rather enjoyed being on the road.

In the past year Victor Sikora and Nicolae Mitea capitulated under the pressure of the booing public and Koeman heard whistles when he substituted Angelos Charisteas in the second half, who was only playing his fourth home game.

With only one goal to show for, the Greek striker actually has not really validated his huge transfer fee and the fans have given him the thumbs down already. Too early, according to Koeman, but the Greek's goals will arrive too late to save his job.

Charisteas was his last hope to turn the season around. Although last season Koeman had some tough times, especially in fielding a balanced midfield he was saved by the goals of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which brought enough points to win another title.

However, Ajax thought they could do without the Swede, who was sold to Juventus only one day after his hat-trick in that fateful homegame against NAC Breda.

According to Van Gaal at that time, the club needed their top scorer in Europe, but could win the league without him. So they took the transfer money and hoped to buy a decent replacement. The deal with Roda JC's Arounda Kone fell through on medical terms on the night of the transfer deadline, leaving Koeman without a leading frontman until the winter break.

Scouts flew through Europe during the second half of 2004 and eventually managed to buy Charisteas from Werder Bremen.

It has not worked out yet with the big striker. Belgian Wesley Sonck was offloaded to Borussia Mönchengladbach after an eighteen-months-struggle in Amsterdam to prove himself.

Several other transfers under Koeman have disappointed as well. Tom Soetaers and the aforementioned Sikora were heralded as players for the future, but never made it. The fans are fed up with the transfer policy of the club. Ajax cannot seem to find the fine line between buying and nursing their youth. Their most profilic strikers in the past have been homegrown. Ryan Babel could be so, but, according to Koeman, he is not mature enough to play ninety minutes yet.

This week, assistants Ruud Krol and Tonny Bruins-Slot take over, maybe until the end of the season. Meanwhile, the rumour circus around the vacant manager's seat has taken full swing.

Current youth trainer Danny Blind is mentioned and Johan Neeskens too; both are available right away. Co Adriaanse will be free this summer, but he has vowed never to work for Ajax again.

Other names mentioned are Martin Jol (Spurs) and Henk ten Cate (assistant of Rijkaard at Barcelona). One wonders however, if they are prepared to give up their succesful jobs in those exciting league environments (and Jol has already stated his intention to stay at Spurs) to clean up the mess that remains after eight years of mismanagement in Amsterdam.

Koeman: The fifth coach in succession to feel the pressure at Ajax.

Marco Van Basten: An era of goalscoring yet to be emulated at Ajax.

Charisteas: Euro 2004 hero not yet doing the business at Ajax.